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The Construction of Dahlia Street Sanitary & Storm Sewers & Appurtenances including Water mains, Borough of Staten Island

As a consultant, Mr. Alhalawani, the Project Executive and the founder of the New York House of Engineers PLLC “NYHE”, performed Resident Engineering Inspection Services from inception to closure, construction management and construction inspections for sidewalk assessments, preparation of sewer pipe surveys and logs and preparation of water main in-service sheets, tap cards and field cards. The scope of work for these projects include construction of pedestrian ramps, removal & water main and sewer replacements, removal and replacement of catch basins, road base and asphalt roadway replacements, tree removals & tree plantings and pavement markings. The REI Team provided all services necessary and required for the inspection, supervision, management, coordination and administration of the project and ensured the required construction work is properly executed, completed in a timely fashion and conformed to the requirements of the construction documents and to good construction practice.

Project Duration: 18 months
Project Cost: $4,500,000
Client:NYC Department of Design and Construction [NYCDDC]