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The New Jersey Turnpike Widening Program Between Exists 6-9, for The New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA)

As a consultant, Mr. Alhalawani, the Project Executive and the founder of the New York House of Engineers PLLC “NYHE”, performed Resident Engineering Inspection Services for the NJTA Interchange 6 to 9 Widening Program consisting of approx. 35 miles of road widening and associated interchange improvements from the vicinity of Interchanges 6-9, New Jersey. The proposed improvements to the Turnpike include Widening the mainline from 6-lanes to 12-lanes from a point approximately 2 miles south of Interchange 6 to the existing 10-lane dual-dual roadway south of Interchange 8A. This will require adding a new 3-lane roadway in each direction for a 25-mile section of the Turnpike. Improved connections to interchanges and service areas; relocating and expanding Interchange 8 Toll Plaza and associated ramps; widening Interchange 7A existing Toll Plaza. When complete, the proposed Widening Program will result in a 12-lane from Interchange 6 to Interchange 9, capable of accommodating projected traffic needs through the year 2032.

Project Duration: 12 months of 5 year program
Project Cost: $2.5 Billions
Client:The New Jersey Turnpike Authority [NJTA]