Main Services

Project Management & Construction Management

Time, Cost and Quality are the key basic elements in Project Management. Successful Project Managers manage Construction Projects as a whole by utilizing project planners, Quantity Surveyors and Technical consultants to drive the Project into success.
  • Program and Project Management
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Earned Value and Cost Control
  • Value Engineering
  • Change Management
  • Record Keeping and Document Control

Cost & QS Management

We believe that we offer a unique Quantity Surveying, Cost estimating and Cost Control services. We have dedicated groups to pre-tender and post-tender support that updates our databases, cost information and cost control that allows us to provide a matchless service.
  • Pre and Post Cost Management
  • Cost Estimates for different Project design stages
  • Bills of Quantities and Tender Management
  • Construction cost control, monitoring and recommendations
  • Value Engineering

Contract & Procurement Management

The most important process in the project’s Construction life is choosing the right procurement route. The construction contracts have become more advanced and choosing or managing the wrong one will cost you both time and money. Having the right route for Phasing and Purchasing the Project by our Contracts Administrators minimizes the exposure to the risk of additional costs and/or time extensions.
  • Phasing and Contract type recommending
  • Time, Cost, Change Order and Overrun Management
  • Submittal and Drawings Review
  • Pre and Post Contract Management

Claims Management

It’s the right of any party of the Contract to claim any variance of costs and/or time to complete under any balanced Contract when correctly substantiated. Our role is to ensure that your firm maintains the proper project records so that each party gets only his rights under the construction contract based on Claims or Counter-claims strategy.
  • Contractual merit monitoring
  • Time, Cost, Change Order and Overrun Management
  • Submittal and Drawings Review
  • Pre and Post Contract Management

Planning & Scheduling Management

NYHE has been a leading construction consulting company offering construction project scheduling training to companies of all sizes. We leverage our considerable industry experience as well as the latest software scheduling tools in order to mitigate delays and foster successful project completion.
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Schedule Review and Updates
  • Time and Cost Claim Development and Review
  • Resources Management

Shop Drawings

Shop drawings represent an elementary form of delegated design. The process involves contractors and suppliers who design the components for which they are responsible. Using shop drawings provide the contractor and the architect with an opportunity to review what the subcontractor or supplier intends to supply or construct before approving the fabrication or construction.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

  • Safety and Security audits
  • Security Threats Analysis
  • Security Risk Assessment & Management
  • Security Strategy Development & Master Planning
  • Crime Prevention Through
  • Environmental Design
  • Security Technology & Systems Design
  • Security master planning

Sustainable Smart Cities

  • Energy Efficiency & Intelligent infrastructure Development & Design
  • Multimodal Mobility Planning & Intelligent Transportation System Design
  • Security Master Planning, Command & Control Centers & Related Technologies Design
  • Environmental Studies, Waterworks Monitoring, Air & Water Quality, Water Treatment and Waste Management Systems Design
  • Digital Transformation, Business Process Re-engineering, Digital Infrastructure, Cyber Security Planning & Design
  • Technology & Sustainability Projects Feasibility, Operation Modeling & Governance

Smart City & Intelligent Infrastructure (Connected Services)

  • IoT Management Platforms
  • City’s & Infrastructure Management Platforms
  • Holistic Cyber Planning
  • Citizen Integrated E-services

Smart City & Intelligent Infrastructure (Safety & Security)

  • City-wide Surveillance Systems
  • Identity Management Systems
  • Gating & Access Control Systems
  • Security Command Centers

Smart City & Intelligent Infrastructure (Mobility)

  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Systems
  • Traffic Management Systems & Centers (Urban & Highways)
  • Parking & Enforcement Systems
  • Ticketing and Toll Plaza Collection Systems
  • Payment Systems